Girl Shares Her Little Brother’s Savage Breakup Text

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A lot of people had girlfriends or boyfriends when they were in their early teens, despite having absolutely no idea about the intricacies of relationships. When I think about the constant texting and drama of these sham couplings, it makes me cringe. Now we are all a little older and understand more about the world however, it’s safe to say we can look back at these affairs with derision.

Even better than looking back on our own misadventures however, is looking at the younger generation making the same misguided mistakes in the love department.


On the next page, we have a truly wonderful text conversation between a boy and a girl… sounds simple right? Well actually, the boy is dumping the girl (if you can call it that), and the exchange will remind you of exactly what it was like to be 13 again.

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