Girl Who Ate Two Domino’s Pizzas Every Day Drops 100 Pounds In Less Than A Year

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Everyone loves pizza, right? When I close my eyes at night I sometimes dream of falling head first into a bed made out of pepperoni and cheese. Clearly my love for the Italian staple is pretty strong, but this woman takes the biscuit. Talitha Pringle used to devour two Domino’s pizzas EVERY NIGHT and it showed on the scales.

At her heaviest, the 25-year-old weighed 110 kilos. Her obsession with pizza – which she gorged on during her nightly shifts at a bookies – was always washed down with a litre of fizzy drink too.


Furthermore, the two cheesy meals and pop weren’t Talitha’s only downfall. On certain days, she was eating over 4,000 calories because of her addiction to junk and convenient food. Speaking to the Mirror she said:

“Before, I wouldn’t think twice about going down the snack aisle in a supermarket, picking up a variety bag of crisps and taking them home to eat.

I would eat two packets of crisps in work and then come home and eat another six packets in one sitting if I couldn’t be bothered cooking.

I don’t drive and I live by myself, so I would just order takeaways because it was convenient.”


After years of being “big and chunky” Talitha reached a point where she thought enough is enough and decided to change her life. You won’t believe what she looks like now. Check out her amazing transformation on the next page.

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