Guy Fools Girlfriend With Savage ‘I’ve Been Sacked’ Text Prank

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April Fools’ Day is now a distant memory, yet pranks are still extremely prevalent on the internet. From what I can see, there is one section of society who appear to love playing practical jokes on each other more frequently than others. I am of course referring to couples.

My boyfriend and I often mess with each other. For the most part it seems to be only the person who makes the joke who finds it funny, while the other person just looks in their direction like this.


Take my man for example – I’ve never called him “my man” before but I thought the time was right – the other day he decided it would be hilarious to tell me that he had been sacked and offered a job in America. We currently live in England, so you can probably understand why I was so distressed. I probably would have found it comical if he had come clean a few moments later, but he hoodwinked me for two days – what a jackass.


I can therefore totally understand this girl’s angst when her boyfriend, sorry – I mean her MAN, decided to explain that he had been fired. Check it out on the next page…

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