Gwen Stefani’s No Make-Up Selfie Is Amazing… If You Can Believe It’s Still Her

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Every millennial is eternally grateful to Gwen Stefani. Not because of her music, but because we’ve never forgotten how to spell “bananas”. This was thanks to her unusually awful hit, Hollaback Girl. With her black eyeliner and red lipstick, Stefani’s appearance was as stylised as her music. Now 46, Gwen Stefani is no spring chicken – and is perhaps feeling the pressure to stay relevant.

I say this because she’s just jumped on the no make-up selfie bandwagon – a trend from 2014 which saw stars like Beyoncé posting fresh-faced photographic self portraits. Though not started by Cancer Research UK, the charity received £8m ($11.5m) in no make-up selfie-related donations, while a mixup in keywords used when texting them caused £18,625 ($26,744) to be accidentally sent to Unicef. Others received a reply from WWF thanking them for their inquiry into adopting a bear.


Clearly the no make-up selfie is a confusing affair. Gwen Stefani didn’t participate in any official capacity so one might question why I don’t think it’s just a regular picture in which she happens not to be wearing make-up? Well, with a celebrity’s social media posts there is always an agenda (albeit this agenda is two years out of date). Though late, Stefani’s entry was definitely worth the wait. Flip the page to see what Stefani really looks like.

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