How To ‘Properly Shoot’ A Glock .40

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The internet is a global hub of how-to videos. With an endless stream of helpful tutorials there is almost nothing you can’t learn to do with the assistance of someone slightly more experienced than you. If you need to learn how to bake a cake, the internet can talk you through it with such finesse that you’ll be left with a masterpiece worthy of Mary Berry herself. If you need to learn how to properly pleasure your boyfriend, the internet can give you help with that too.

With this in mind, today’s story begins with one particular genius who wanted to share his gun expertise with the rest of the world. In this video, titled “how to properly shoot a gun” this gentleman decides to put his years of gun shooting experience into an incredibly poignant video tutorial.

Gun 1

The video, which is just over the page, has all the advice anyone could ever possibly need about shooting a gun. He begins with: “you got to bring the gun up… but turn it sideways”. Of course that’s not the most important advice he gives, but I’ll let you see experience the best part for yourself.

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