Hydraulic Press Crushes Various Types Of Balls, Try Not To Cringe

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The pressures of modern life are creating a destructive streak within the human genome. Meetings, traffic jams, loan repayments and the constant struggle to meet society’s glittering array of expectations mean that our DNA is now marbled with malice.

We like to see things changed beyond recognition; and when I say “changed beyond recognition” I mean “destroyed”. Squeezed into a slim-fit suit and adorned with a noose tie, modern man is likely to burst at any minute.

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When one such incident does occur, the capitalist market sweeps in to provide a solution to the problem it created. For those whose anger management is indeed meeting society’s expectations, there are now rage rooms where you can release all that pent-up aggression which you compliantly kept to yourself.

However, if the capitalist system has tied itself in knots to the extent that you can’t afford its solution to the problem it provides, there’s always Finnish madman Lauri Vuohensilta’s strangely mesmorising videos of a hydraulic press squeezing things to death. This odd viral sensation is proving how messed-up we’ve really become. Indulge your inner barbarian on the next page.

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