If You Really Knew What’s In McDonalds Fries, You’d Be Seriously Disgusted

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If you frequent your local Golden Arches to dine on a carton of McDonald’s fries and want to keep things this way, I suggest you look away now. The contents of this article will probably leave you feeling sick to your stomach. It turns out that one of the planet’s most loved hangover cures is made in a potentially harmful way.

Everyone knows that eating processed foods is bad for you. This is not groundbreaking information. Yet every day tens of millions of people flock to the fast food chain to feast on their greasy menu. According to the chain’s website, in 2015 an average restaurant served a staggering 1,916 customers a day.


Why is the world so addicted? Well because they use vast amounts of fats, salts and sugars layered in the correct way in their food, which leave us feeling completely hooked. It is something that the food industry call the “craveability factor” and many of us have fallen victim to it every day.

The question is: how dangerous is our addiction? In 2014 a renowned activist drew our attention to what McDonald’s farmers do to their potatoes to ensure they keep their iconic shape. He said, “Desire for a certain kind of chip leads to a desire for a certain type of agriculture.” Take a trip over to the next page to find out what this type of agriculture works. But be warned, you’ll probably be put off Maccy’s fries for good if you do…

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