If You Thought The Hemsworth Brothers Were Good Looking, Check Out Their Dad

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If you are a fan of the male form in all its glory (and come on, who isn’t?) then boy have we found the story for you. All film making companies and the entirety of the movie industry know who the hottest siblings are in Hollywood. Brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth, of course. It doesn’t take a genius to work out why this is the case.

Their captivating gaze is enough to make a heterosexual man weak at the knees. So it’s only natural that fans want to see them on screen together. However, by the sounds of things we’ll be waiting a pretty long time before the A-list duo walk side by side on any film production sites any time soon.


Is this because the Aussie pair don’t get along? No of course it isn’t. It is pretty evident that the Hemsworth bros are family orientated guys. Well, one of them certainly is. When Chris isn’t starring in some of the biggest movies on the big screen, he’s just a normal guy who hangs out with his wife and kids.

His Instagram account is bursting with snaps of him and his family, highlighting that when the cameras are off, he’s just a mere mortal who loves his children. Evidently he doesn’t need to take any free social media courses, because he’s nailing his celebrity presence on it already.


However, if you thought that the eldest of the Hemsworth brothers was the hottest dad of the year, think again. If you really want to feel all sorts of things down under, you should see their dad. Approach the next page with caution, after seeing this guy the heart palpitations you will inevitably experience will probably result in you taking a trip to the 24 hr emergency room…

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