In Honor Of His Failure, Here’s A Ted Cruz Photoshop Battle

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I don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but last night Senator Ted Cruz gave up on his quest to win the Republican presidential race – handing almost certain victory to business mogul Donald Trump. After a crushing defeat to Trump in Indiana, Cruz conceded that the race between the two men was over.

Cruz was pictured during his concession holding up his hands in a pretty Photoshop-worthy position… and the internet duly obliged. Posted on reddit, Photoshop users became locked in an epic battle trying to make the defeated Cruz look as stupid as possible. Thankfully, many of them succeeded in their task, and we were left with a myriad of images poking fun at poor old Ted.

Here is the original photo in all it’s glory…


Photoshop nerds nationwide went into feeding frenzy, all pushing to create the most laughable picture of the deflated politician. Thankfully we have 20 of the finest entries on coming up… and my God are they special.

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