Insane Dude Squeezes Bullet Out of His Leg

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There are a number of things which I would hope I never have to do to myself. Naturally, there’s also a list of things I have to do to myself because others won’t do it for me. Clipping my toe nails, trimming my nose hair, providing sexual stimulation – those sorts of things.

However, there are certain things for which you should always seek outside help, such as surgery. A video of a man squeezing a bullet out of his leg is currently going mega viral, as is his bullet wound. Rather than seek a medical professional to extract the bullet, this badass baller does it all by himself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 11.08.48

While I hate to judge a book by its heavily-scribbled-upon cover, I imagine there are a few legal reasons why this man decided not to go to a hospital like a normal person. See the video over the page.

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