Introducing The Crazy People Found Inside Walmart

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As someone who regularly visits their local supermarket in a dalmatian print onesie at 2am, it should be noted that I am in no position to judge anyone. I’m just one of the lucky ones who haven’t been caught on camera looking like an oversized puppy in the fruit and veg ailse.

The photos you are about to see are not intended to mock, but to entertain. Luckily for these Walmart customers (and for me), supermarkets do not have a dress code. These people are unashamedly themselves and we salute them for it.

1. Baby got back

Walmart 1

2. Those days where you genuinely have nothing to wear

Walmart 3

3. Or those days where you should have worn a little bit more

Walmart 2

4. When your wardrobe choices seriously need some reconsideration

Walmart 4

Continue to the next page for more Walmart customers who really need to reevaluate their lives before stepping outside their house again.

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