James Corden And Anne Hathaway Have Epic Rap Battle

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As rap battles go, you’d probably assume that one between British talk show host James Corden and actress Anne Hathaway might be the lamest thing since Kanye’s latest Twitter rant. But as it turns out, One Day actress Anne Hathaway is surprisingly good at rapping, and succeeded in letting Corden know what it’s like to get “Hatha-slayed”.

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That’s not to say Corden didn’t give the battle a good attempt himself. He kicked things off by rapping: “I am the Drake of this battle and Anne is Meek Mill,” referencing the two rappers’ never-ending feud. He also insulted Anne’s status as current reigning Catwoman by saying: “The only Catwoman I acknowledge is Halle Berry.”

You can check out the video in full over on the next page, but be warned: the clip contains high levels of sass that might be uncomfortable for some viewers.

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