Jay Z Speaks Out Publicly About ‘Lemonade’ For The First Time

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On Tuesday, the remix to Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s hit All The Way Up was released on steaming service Tidal, featuring none other than the service’s head honcho: Jay Z.

The track features several noteworthy references from Jay, including a hat tip to the late Prince, who put all his eggs in the Tidal basket before his death in April: “Prince left his masters where they safe and sound/We never gonna let the elevator take him down.”


But what’s really causing a stir in celeb land is the fact that Jay Z made a direct reference to Beyoncé and her hit album Lemonade, in which Bey appears to accuse her husband of infidelity with someone called “Becky with the good hair”.

The Fat Joe track is the first time the 99 Problems rapper has spoken out about his wife’s album, and Jay Z being Jay Z, he inevitably chose the medium of rap to do it. Flick onto the next page to see exactly what he said.

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