Justin Bieber Is Being Sued For Over $100K For The Most Ridiculous Reason

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When you have enough money in your back pocket to buy a small country, everyone wants a piece of you and your cash. So how do the not-so-wealthy make money from the mega rich? They sue them of course. This month it’s the turn of Justin Bieber, who is being sued for $100,000 (approximately £69,000) over claims that he broke someone’s phone. In Bieber’s defence, cell phones now are just not built to last.

0115-justin-bieber-getty-phone-3The singer was accused of smashing Robert Earl Morgan’s mobile phone and the gentleman in question wants some hefty compensation. I knew smart phones were expensive but Morgan has put an incredibly high price tag on his. In hindsight, perhaps Mr Morgan should have brought the insurance his cell phone company most likely suggested.

Continue over to the next page to find out how Justin supposedly got hold of Robert Morgan’s phone and, more importantly, how it led to him being sued. For the record, if Mr Morgan win’s the case, he will have essentially managed to exchange the phone in question for enough money to buy a very nice set of wheels.

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