Leaked iPhone 7 Photos Reveal Two Big Changes To The New Handset

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Tech rumour site Apple Insider have got their hands on what appears to be photos of the new iPhone 7, and it seems there’s going to be some big changes in the newest model, which is set for release in September 2016.

It’s almost impossible to verify the authenticity of the photos, but if they do turn out to be real, they confirm a whole host of rumours that have been swirling about the new handset. With iPhone sales falling every year, it seems Apple are looking to make drastic changes to their handset to keep up with the growing competition.


Beady-eyed tech addicts have noticed that the new phone appears to be missing a headphone jack, which would allow the new phone to be even smaller than previously possible. This would of course render many iPhone user’s existing headphones obsolete, which could turn some potential customers away from the new phone entirely.

While the lack of headphone jack might be a potential turn off for some, the leaked photos have revealed another massive change that is certainly turning some heads.

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