Meet The 310lbs Body Builder Who Admits Taking Steroids For 27 Years

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As someone whose sole mission in life is to get an impressive set of abs and a booty to match, I can understand the temptation to go to any extremes to get that ideal body. When you spend three quarters of your life at the gym but are incapable of quite reaching your body ideal, somehow the prospect of getting a little external help becomes appealing. Whilst I’ve never taken steroids (in fear of developing an Adams Apple and back hair) I can sympathise with those who do.

One man who takes his health and fitness training to the extreme is Rich Piana. Rich is a man who is fully committed to his body, so much so that the 45 year old admits to taking steroids from the age of 18.

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You don’t need a personal trainer certification to know that taking steroids for such an extreme period of time can take its toll on the body. Piana’s longterm use of steroids is so worrying in fact that other body builders have created hours of YouTube footage, begging him to stop taking them.

National drug education service, Talk To Frank, explains that the use of steroids in men can lead to: “erection problems, growing of breasts, becoming sterile, loss of hair and development of acne. It can also make your testicles shrink.”

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Rich is not concerned and puts his muscle building regime ahead of everything, despite the very real risk of side effects. In the video which is featured on the next page, Rich talks openly about how much steroid taking costs him. I’m almost certain he could have purchased a pretty hefty mansion with the money he’s spent on drugs over the last thirty years.

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