NASA May Have Discovered A New Planet Earth

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Those of you with a keen interest in our solar system or a particularly sharp memory might remember that in 2009 NASA launched the  Kepler Space Telescope. A telescope so great you need about seven engineering degrees just to be allowed in the same room as it (I assume).

The point of this telescope was to find other earth-like planets in space. The end of lasy year saw an amazing scientific breakthrough, as NASA discovered a planet (named Kepler 452b) which is capable sustaining human life. Naturally everyone rejoiced because you don’t need an accredited online engineering degree to know that this is a pretty big deal. Nor do you need to be an astronaut.

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Kepler 452-b was described as “Earth 2.0” and the question on everyone’s minds was “if we screw up our planet, can we just start over on this new one?” The answer is currently “no” by the way. Kepler 452-b is 1,400 light years away from Earth, so I’m doubtful EasyJet are scheduling flights there any time soon.

Upon reflection, if only I had attended a school for engineering I could well be on a tester mission to Earth number two. Now it appears NASA may have made yet another discovery! Continue over the page to find out about the potential discovery of another Earth like planet.

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