Rapper Stitches Gets ‘Punched’ In The Gut By A Fan During Show

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You may recall; a particular confrontation last year resulted in rapper Stitches spending a night behind bars. I am of course referring to the bout of fisticuffs the rapper had with a member of The Game’s crew. He might be best known for his song Brick In Yo Face, but after that incident in December he should have probably renamed the tune Punch In My Face.

Since then we haven’t heard too much out of the 20-year-old, other than his repeated slamming of The Game on his social media accounts. But now Stitches has hit the headlines once again after he got into a fight with a fan at his show.


A newly released video on WorldstarHipHop shows how the tussle started. In short, a handsy fan appears to give the rapper a tap on the stomach. Little did he know, this would be a very costly mistake.

You can check out the entire clip on the next page. Keep an eye out for when the bouncer turns up to play, you do not want to mess with him…

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