Selena Gomez Trashes Justin Bieber On Stage

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For all you Bieber fans out there hoping that Justin will eventually get back with Selena Gomez… I’ve got some bad news. Never one to shy away from the limelight, Gomez made a pretty emphatic statement about the Canadian pop sensation on Sunday night.

Currently performing her “Revival Tour”, it’s clear that Gomez is back in business after her messy breakup from Bieber two years ago. However during her show in Fresno, California, Gomez spotted a sign in the crowd that prompted her to take drastic action.


A member of the audience was allegedly holding up a sign which read; “MARRY JUSTIN PLEASE”. Keen to show everyone that she’s moved on from the baby-faced heartbreaker, Gomez summoned the fan forward, before promptly crumpling up the sign and throwing it into the crowd. Harsh much? Flick over to the next page to see the footage in all its glory.

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