Severely Bullied Guy Gives Two Fingers To Tormentors And Becomes Super Buff & Rich

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For most people that are bullied, the only form of revenge comes in the form of secretly watching your ex-bully get slowly fatter and more stupid over on their Facebook page. But for one 21-year-old from Newcastle, revenge was sought in the form of a buff new body and a life fit for an A-list celebrity.

Zac Aynsley was severely bullied throughout his school life, a fact which he still feels the effects of today in the form of anxiety and panic attacks:

“My whole life, I have always been put down and told I was a loser. I was badly bullied and cried countless times because people would laugh at me for the way I looked … When I was a kid, I was painfully shy and had zero confidence. That’s why I was picked on so much because I was this skinny weakling, who wouldn’t say anything. I would walk into a classroom and everyone would just start sniggering and laughing at me, but never let me in on the joke. It would make me feel so self-conscious, to the point where it was hell everyday. 


Zac, pre-buffness

“Because of this I used to suffer terrible panic attacks during the night and anxiety all day. I wouldn’t speak to anyone, my head was down all the time and I was deeply depressed. Even today, I’m still affected by it all and still suffer with attacks even though my life and look has changed dramatically.”

Around the age of 18, Zac decided to buy himself a gym membership in a bid to change his looks and his life. Head over to the next page to see his incredible transformation.

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