Shameless Package Thief Gets Caught Red-Handed By Owner

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Getting caught red-handed is a stomach-curdling experience. The initial indecision, the daunting realisation, the pang of panic, the sweaty palms – and then the awkward conversation which inevitably ensues. Well, I assume there was an awkward conversation and you didn’t just shoot the girl, take the money and run.

Regardless of what experience this conjured for you, everyone has been caught red-handed at some point in their lives. I remember fixing to steal a friend’s necklace when I was younger. I was alone in his room and the necklace had a skull on it. It was cool. I wanted it. He then rounded the corner and from the awkward conversation which ensued, my intentions became abundantly clear.

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However, my prepubescent experience of getting “caught” pales in comparison to the lady who decided to help herself to other people’s mail. Prepare for a series of involuntary body spasms, because this video will make you cringe. Check it out on the next page.

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