Soulja Boy Claims He’s Just Signed A $400M Deal

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When I think of music artists who are one hit wonders, the name Soulja Boy doesn’t immediately spring to mind – but when you really think about it, it’s a hard conclusion to avoid. Back in 2007 his debut hit Crank That was filling dancefloors all over the world. But these days I couldn’t even begin to tell you what he’s up to.

A mere 17 at the time of his biggest hit, he’s now 25 and back with a pretty big story. Social media exploded with the news that Soulja Boy has signed a $400 million deal with someone. Details were scarce, with even the man himself seeming very cryptic about his epic windfall of cash. Taking to Twitter, it was clear that he wanted to let as many people as possible know he’d hit the jackpot.


Immediately I wondered who would want Soulja Boy so bad that they’d spent $400m, but then I realised that I’d have to wait for an answer to my burning question. Flick over to the next page where Soulja Boy revealed more information about his deal – including the parties chasing his signature.

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