The 15 Most Beautiful Women Prince Ever Dated

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It’s no secret that Prince was connected to a hefty number of beautiful women in his time. Some of them carved entire careers out of their relationships with Prince, whilst others used the opportunity to throw on their sassy red carpet dresses and enjoy the spotlight for a short period of time.


You are more than likely to recognise a fair few of these women, but let’s see if you were aware they were once amorous with the Purple Rain legend. Please take note that some of these women are almost as stylish as Prince himself. Most of these ladies have either undergone a fashion merchandising degree or Prince’s impeccable fashion sense just rubbed off on them during intercourse.

1. Misty Copeland 

Ballerina Misty Copeland featured in Prince’s Crimson and Clover video. The two were often seen out together and it is widely believed they were an item at the start of her career.


2. Bria Valente

Bria is an American singer and is a protégée of Prince. She was also one of Prince’s many girlfriends; the couple first met when she was just 17.


3. Ananda Lewis

 Ananda allegedly dated Prince in 2001. Upon hearing of his passing, Ananda took to Twitter to pay her respects. The now 43 year tweeted: “So many amazing memories, loving much I still needed to say to you. My heart is lead. #RIP Prince”


4. Manuela Testolini

Manuela and Prince were married for five years. She then married Halle Berry’s ex husband, singer Eric Benet.


It’s clear to see that Prince likes women as much as he likes custom glasses and embellished jackets. In fact, maybe more so. Continue to the next page for more incredibly hot women who dated the late Prince.

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