The Real Names Of Celebrities May Actually Surprise You

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I’ve always wanted to have a stage name. I’m not totally sure what I’d call myself, but I can only imagine it would make me sound needlessly American and wealthy. Not content with the names their parents gave them, a lot of musicians and movie stars change their name to appeal to a wider audience (I’m not sure that’s a great reason, but who am I to judge?).

While some are well known (sorry Elton), some have been kept a much more closely guarded secret. Why? Well some of these names are so funny and workaday, that I’m not sure the people involved would ever be taken seriously again.

1. Adele




3. Drake


4. Elton John


So we all knew that Elton was actually called Reginald right? Well, if you didn’t then you certainly won’t be able to get your head around the celebrity names on the next page.

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