This Guy Got 23 Surgeries To Try And Look Like Superman

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It seems not a day goes by without another celebrity opening up and admitting to the use of plastic surgery. Speculation about Kylie Jenner’s ever-growing lips, for example, was finally put to bed when she came out and admitted to the use of fillers. While most of us are happy to stick with the lip liner or gym membership to stay looking fresh, there are a select few of us who choose to follow the celebs’ lead by going under the knife to achieve the look we desire.

One man has taken altering his looks to the next level, but it’s not a celebrity he’s trying to imitate. It’s a superhero. Yes, you heard that correctly: Herbet Chavez, 37, has spent 18 years and two years’ worth of salary in order to look exactly like Superman. His 23 surgeries include nose jobs, skin whitening, liposuction, jaw realignment, fillers, and much more.


Chavez was eventually banned from more surgeries after doctors discovered he had been injecting himself with MesoLipo, a dangerous body filler that has been banned in the United States after some users were poisoned by it. The substance left Chavez with hundreds of spots and bumps all over his body.

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