This Is Apparently ‘The World’s Best McDonalds’ And I Can See Why

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Let’s face it, everyone loves McDonald’s. Sure, no one enjoys the feeling after eating, but while you’re feasting on your meal of choice you pretty much hit fast food nirvana. I’m an extremely healthy person most the time – cut me open and I pretty much bleed kale and coconut water – however, once I’ve poured a few alcoholic beverages down my throat I’m drawn to the golden arches like a moth to a flame.

Those of you who, like myself, get an unrelenting hankering for greasy goodness when you are upside down (not literally, I’m referring to being drunk), will know that the feeling does not diminish when you are abroad. Luckily there’s a Maccy D’s in pretty much every country in the world, so if you do get the urge you can take a trip down the road. However, not every single one of the chain’s restaurants around the globe allows you to chow down on an identical spread of Big Macs and McNuggets.


This list includes the five greatest Mcdonald’s establishments in the world, because of their McGnificent menu offerings which are a little out of the ordinary. Check them out for yourself.

5. Japan

Our friends over in Asia offer a pretty fantastic sweet treat to their customers. It comes in the circular shape of mini-pancakes. They are served all day and with a choice of dipping sauces: white or milk chocolate icing.


4. Australia 

As far as I know McDonald’s french fries recipe is consistent across the globe. However, what the heavenly crispy chips are served with varies. In the land down under you can opt to have your fries covered in bacon and cheese or guacamole and salsa.


Now I have another reason to save up for a trip to Oz. Guac on your fries, it doesn’t get much better than that, or perhaps it does. Check out what the guys over in Switzerland have featuring on their menu…

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