This Is The UK’s Bendiest Woman And You Need To See It For Yourself

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Prior to this point in my life, the grand title of “the UK’s bendiest woman” was unknown to me. I barely manage to touch my own toes on a good day, so perhaps I mentally blocked it all out to spare myself the pain of grave inadequacy.

However, today I have discovered that being “the UK’s bendiest woman” is indeed a legitamate thing and a fine thing at that. So fine, in fact, that it caused one of Britain’s most experienced TV presenters, Eamonn Holmes, to shed a tear live on air. OK, it was probably more of a wince but the exaggeration has raised your excitement levels, hasn’t it?


The extremely talented woman who bears the title of Britain’s Bendiest Woman is Claudia Hughes, who has hypermobility – a condition that allows joints to move way beyond their normal range.


The 22-year-old contortionist appeared on ITV’s breakfast show “This Morning” to display her extremely rare acrobatic skills and the world was left in a mixture of awe, shock and disgust.

Check out the video on the next page to see which one of the three aforementioned emotions it evokes in you…

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