This Woman Made A Homemade Lipstick Robot To ‘Help’ With Morning Routine

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Ladies, we all know the drill. Every morning is a battle against the clock to get out the door with a pair of matching socks on your feet and some reasonably applied makeup on your face.

We all know robots are the future of mundane household chores, so why hasn’t anyone thought to create one that could help up with our morning makeup routine? I know I’d buy one – those precious extra few seconds of sleep can make all the difference when you’ve been up all night watching reruns of The Office on Netflix.


That’s where robotics expert/ vlogger Simone Giertz comes in. She’s created a robot that can apply lipstick almost as well as you can after a bottle of wine, or two.

If you like the Kylie Jenner overdrawn lips look and are totally down with destroying a whole tube of lipstick with each application, then this robot might be just the thing for you.

So that went just about as well as expected.

Giertz is the self-proclaimed “expert in shitty robots”, and tests her creations for the world to see over on her Youtube channel. So far, she’s created a breakfast machine, a toothbrush machine and a ‘wake up’ machine. Clearly this girl has some serious issues with the morning, and I for one can completely relate.

While her robots are clearly not going to be flying off the shelves anytime soon, I applaud Simone for her efforts and encourage her to get back to the drawing board. A teleportation device and a robot that can cook your dinner would be much appreciated.

And now for a robot that can actually do something well: this robot, who can solve a Rubik’s cube faster than any human could ever dream.

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