US Navy Just Revealed Their ‘Deadliest Destroyer’ And It Looks Insane

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If you’ve ever considered a career in the armed forces, the latest billion dollar ship built by the US navy might be just the thing to persuade you into a life of fighting at sea. Don’t believe me? The USS Zumwalt is one of the world’s most advanced combat ships, and photos of the completed vessel have just been released for your viewing pleasure.

The ship will cost US taxpayers around $4.4 billion, and should be ready for active service by October 2016. It will feature guns that will be able to reach enemies 100 miles away, which is pretty much as close to a James Bond film as you’re ever going to get in real life.


The ship, which you can see more of on the next page, boasts an angular shape that makes it up to 50 times more difficult to detect on any radar, meaning enemy ships will be mistaken for thinking it’s an innocent fishing boat. The whole thing is powered by turbines similar to those found in a Boeing 777.

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