Van Damme’s Daughter Is A Huge Badass And Also Kinda A 10

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Let me start by saying there’s something incredibly hot about Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’ve had a crush on him since the first time I watched Kickboxer and if I’m being entirely honest, I once named a pillow after him. Because trust me, there’s nothing better than watching a Van Damme movie whilst snuggling up to a pillow which shares his name.

Van Damme is the kind of man girls go weak at the knees for (seriously, just ask my knees). It is therefore unsurprising that any offspring of the martial arts expert would be pretty damn hot too.

Van Damme Cover

Van Damme Daughter

The Belgian actor who was commonly known as the “muscles from Brussels” has three children with current spouse Gladys Portugues. Whilst all his children turned out pretty attractive and talented, his daughter Bianca Van Varenberg is a chip off the old block. Aside from the fact she is super into her health and fitness training, Bianca can kick some serious martial art butt of her own. Not to mention that she is also insanely hot. I’m not even slightly exaggerating. She. Is. Insanely. Hot. Prepare yourselves the the Bianca pictures which lay just over the page.

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