Vladimir Putin Has A Sexist All-Female ‘Miniskirt’ Army

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I think it’s safe to say that Russia is not the most enlightened nation on the planet, and nowhere is that unenlightened culture more prevalent than in its military it seems. While in the west the topic of gay rights is the big talking point concerning Russia, it seems we might have overlooked sexism.

Vladimir Putin, like his nation, draws his strength from creating a strong, macho image. Today (in a typical show of power) the Russians paraded some of their new military hardware around Moscow’s Red Square. Making an appearance for the world’s media were their advanced air defence missile system, their aircraft, and all of their troops.


There was another appearance however that made a pretty bold statement about Russia’s views on women. Taking to the square, an all-female battalion became a major talking point… thanks to their outfits. Flick over to the next page to see exactly what these highly trained soldiers were forced to wear while the rest of the world looked on.

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