Watch As Mariah Carey Throws Major Shade At Nicki Minaj And J.Lo

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BREAKING: Mariah Carey is a massive diva. Obviously I’m kidding. This isn’t new information. The multi-award winning singer admitted in a 2001 interview that when she gave birth to her twins, she had a live version of her song Fantasy playing. Why? “So they could hear the applause as they entered the world” of course.

There are a whole plethora of people who the prima donna has rubbed up the wrong way in the past. On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, she made it pretty evident that she isn’t planning on trying to change her ways any time soon.


The 46-year-old didn’t get off to a great start when she decided to turn up to the live show in true Mariah style; fashionably late. She also instructed host Andy Cohen to sit in the chair usually allocated for his guests, rather than his own seat. Cohen said: “She is the only person who could ever get me to switch chairs for a reason that has not even been explained to me.”


Once again I ask the question: Why? When she eventually turned up, the hitmaker revealed: “Sometimes I like this side better and sometimes I like that side better… it depends on the lighting.”

I wouldn’t exactly say that Mariah got off to a great start. Wait until you hear what happened when she settled into the interview and let rip on a few famous faces in the music industry such as Nicki Minaj and J.Lo.

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