When You Leave Bowie’s ‘Blackstar’ LP In The Sun, Something Magical Happens

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It’s no secret that the late David Bowie was a wizard of the music business. A master of lyrics and performance for decades, he wowed fans and critics time after time with his unique blend of extroversion and God-given talent. Always ready to spring a surprise on the crowd, his signature outfits and ever-changing style underpinned his chameleon nature.

Not ready to be stifled creatively by the Grim Reaper himself, it seems that even in death he had one last trick up his sleeve. Music schools all over the world should be putting this man on a pedestal, because he was a master of the craft.


Bowie’s last record, a seven track album called Blackstar, was apparently a “parting gift” to his fans – and if you listen to it you’ll understand exactly why. It’s not just the music that left something for the fans however – as you’ll see on the next page, where we reveal Bowie’s greatest trick. Make sure you get onto your favourite music file sharing website and have a listen, it’s a masterclass in music production.

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