Why You Should Always Check A Selfie Before Posting It

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Selfies are the bread and butter of social media, providing an endless stream of filtered faces down our newsfeeds every day. But sometimes, people need to be a little more selective about what photos they chose to share with the world. At the very least, you should check your daily selfies for the following: dildos, bare bums, people going to the toilet and poop.

If you’d like to think that no one would be stupid enough to include any such things in their online uploads, then please refer to the following collection of disastrous selfies for the damning evidence to the contrary.

1. Mirrors are the biggest culprit


2. Always check your sunglasses reflection


3. Ensure your selfies are dildo-free


4. Stop pretending your partners are sneaking up on you


Don’t worry, that lot was just a taster of the ridiculousness that is to come. If you’re starting to lose your faith in humanity already, I’d advise you to skip the rest of this article and go take a nice walk through a park or something.

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