Women Wore Facial Hair To Teach Their Boyfriends About The Beardy Kiss Struggle

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With the ever-growing popularity of the full on beard, women around the world are struggling to kiss their SO without experiencing some form of pain. Sure, beards might keep otherwise baby-faced men looking like they just walked off the set of 300, but has anyone spared a thought for the poor women who have to come in close contact with these bristly monsters on a daily basis?

Buzzfeed gets it, which is why they devised an experiment in which men and women switch roles – the beardless become the beardy, the tickled become the ticklers.


The women had complained about itchiness, rashes and chaffing on their own faces after kissing their boyfriends, and were pretty much fed up with it. So they decided it was time to beat them at their own game.

To show the men what they’re going through, the women volunteered to have fake beards attached to their own faces. To get an authentic experience, the men did the reverse and shaved their beards off.

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Makeup artist Lili Kaytmaz was on hand to make the women’s beard look as realistic as possible, giving each on a custom trim.

Once they’d experienced a beardy kiss, the men were a lot more sympathetic towards the women’s daily struggle. In particular, the hair in mouth situation was a big issue for the guys.

At the end of the experiment, one man resolved to use conditioner on his beard, but no promises to remain beardless were made. Sorry, ladies.

But hey, maybe we shouldn’t be hating on the beard so hard, because it turns out that beards are our best shot at defeating antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Who knew?

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