You Won’t Believe What Google’s Homepage Used To Look Like When First Launched

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It’s hard to imagine how our lives would work without a few key things that keep the ball rolling every day. For example, how would we travel overseas without transport? How would we beat our hangovers without McDonald’s? And how would we know the answer to any of life’s questions without Google?

Since it was launched in 1998, the search engine has revolutionised the way the world obtains information on anything and anyone. Nowadays someone will actually think you’re an idiot if you fail to check the site before asking a question – our dependence on the tech giant has actually resulted in the phrase “just Google it” becoming commonplace.


I know it’s hard to imagine, especially for the younger generation, but there was a time when Google wasn’t kicking about. Back in the day you couldn’t just type into your search bar; “Google Maps” when you were lost, “Google Translate” when they didn’t offer you an English menu on holiday, or “Google Scholar” when you were stuck on your dissertation.


Evidently the world has changed an awful lot over the last few decades, including the search engine’s logo, branding and home page. They were ordinal built for a single device: a desktop PC. Nowadays society interacts with Google across a variety of different platforms and devices every single day.

Check out what the browser first looked like in its development and on its official launch day on the next page..

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