11 People Who Are Almost Stupidly Optimistic

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Speaking as a naturally pessimistic person, overly optimistic people are a mystifying breed. Why would you ever expect everything to turn out okay, only to be brought crashing down to Earth when it doesn’t?

Take going on holiday, for example. I wholly expect to lose my passport, get my purse stolen and to miss my return flight home. When all of those things don’t happen, I feel much happier than I would if I’d just been merrily on my way. Yes, it’s much better to expect the worst and then be pleasantly surprised when things go okay. These people, however, clearly don’t agree with me. It seems their eternal optimism can never be dampened, despite death, bad weather, and accidental pregnancy.

1. Well this is awkward


2. So near but yet so far


3. Optimistic, even in death


4. The Shakespeare of the optimism world


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