21 Cases Of Truly Unfortunate/Really F*cking Idiotic Ad Placement

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Walking down any street, it’s hard to escape the big luminescent yellow ‘M’ of a McDonald’s advertisement – as if we needed any more reminding of their existence. From ‘I’m Lovin It’ billboards to YouTube videos, we are constantly consuming the subliminal messages that the brands are trying to push out to us.

But sometimes the advertisers are not so successful in their delivery. They have little control over where their products are placed in publications to ensure they do not come across offensive or suggestive. Thus sometimes ad fails are inevitable. Check out these hilarious examples of where the product placement does not do the advert any justice.



2. What are they gawping at…


3. Got a giant thirst? 


4. Think we found Daddy…


OOPS. Think these advertising fails are bad? You’ve not seen anything yet. You should click next page to see what the others look like, it’s far, far worse.

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