Adult Entertainment Site Reveals What Gets People Off Quickest

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The statistics department of Pornhub is probably the only statistics department in the world that even the biggest of maths haters would like to work in. It’s a department that has made some incredible discoveries, like the fact that on St. Patrick’s Day, searches for leprechaun shoot up over 9,000 per cent. Or that women in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus really like anal porn.

Pornhub have already discovered the average length of time porn is watched in different countries, by different genders, age groups, and even on different devices. But they were yet to discover exactly how long people spent on average on each category, until the inquisitive minds over at Vice decided to ask.


Ever keen to satisfy, the adult entertainment site got to work gathering the data. What they discovered is a wealth of data on the category most likely to get you off the fastest, along with comparing women’s fastest categories against men’s. Head over to the next page to discover the truth behind the numbers.

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