Apparently, Snorting Chocolate Is The New Way To Get High

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As a man who is constantly looking for new ways to get high without spending a night in the cells, I constantly have my ear to the ground (sorry mum). As a result, I have heard of many legal highs doing the rounds – as people try and avoid the long arm of the law. Many thrill-seekers describe these types of drugs as legal highs, but they should in fact be labelled as psychoactive substances.

But if you don’t feel like huffing gas from a canister, what are you supposed to do? Well it turns out that you could always throw caution to the wind and snort some chocolate…


At a monthly club night in Berlin (those German clubbers love their narcotics), they don’t serve alcohol. Instead, they serve chocolate alongside a snorting device dreamed up by a crazy Belgian chocolatier. Flick over to the next page to see exactly what sort of cocoa-fuelled nonsense is going on in mainland Europe.

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