Chris Brown Gay Rumours Fly After This Picture Surfaces

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In the past, Chris Brown has not exactly been known for his LGBT-friendly attitude. Back in 2013 he was accused of yelling homophobic slurs before being arresting for assaulting a man in a Washington carpark. So it might come as something of a surprise that his latest social media rant flies in the face of several homophobic comments that started popping up on his Instagram account on Thursday.

It all started after Chris Brown posted a photo with his arm around French fashion designer Olivier Rousteing to his Instagram account. The pair were in Paris for the launch of Olivier’s new “Football Nouveau” collection with NikeLab, and appeared in various photos together looking like the best of friends.


Since the internet is a bad place, homophobic comments soon starting flooding in suggesting that the pair were more than just good pals, along with denouncing all things gay. Head over to the next page to see the comments in full, along with Chris’s response to the accusations.

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