Chris Brown Stomped On Fan’s Head During Violent Outburst at Cannes Nightclub

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Chris Brown is in trouble again after fan Malek Mokrani alleged that the singer stomped on his head during an altercation at a nightclub in Cannes. Footage released by TMZ appears to show Brown stepping on someone’s head, although it’s not exactly clear if Brown stomped down on purpose, or as a result of losing his footing.

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In an Instagram video posted to his account which has since been deleted, Brown attempts to clear up what happened:

“Let me address this s**t real fast. I’ll let you know this, before the tour started, one hell of a tour by the way, it’s going amazing, loving all of my fans everywhere, we went to Cannes Gotha, that’s a nightclub. I was hosting. No fans were hurt by Chris Brown, no fans were beat up by Chris Brown.”


The rapper then claimed that the events had taken place a month ago, despite the fact that Malek Mokrani alleged that he was assaulted on May 18: “This has to be a month old, so ya’ll gotta get ya’ll news faster. And stop lying to people saying we beat up fans I don’t do that, but don’t get it f*cked up.”

TMZ has obtained video and images, which you can see over on the next page, showing party-goer Malek Mokrani in hospital with bruising to the face and wearing a neck brace.

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