Chris Brown’s Baby Mama Just Exposed Him In A New Interview

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Chris Brown just loves being in the headlines doesn’t he? If he isn’t being harassed by crazed stalkers in his own home, he’s breaching the peace in Los Angeles. In short, the man needs to keep his business to himself for a while. Sadly however, he hasn’t taken my advice, and once again finds himself in the media spotlight.

It used to be that Brown and Niz Guzman (his child’s mother) were on good terms, but now the Entente Cordiale seems to have been blown out of the water. The custody battle between the pair seemed to be over, but after Brown won another court battle for custody this week, it all went south.


Brown and Guzman started a war of words on Twitter, after Guzman posted an Instagram photo of two-year-old Royalty in a ballet outfit. However Brown might live to regret his outburst, as his baby mumma took the opportunity to exposed his lies. Flick over to the next page to see how it all went down.

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