Gangster Without Insurance Removes Bullet From His Own Leg

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America is not like the UK in so many ways, but healthcare is probably one of the most important sectors where we do things entirely differently. If you break your leg in the UK, you always know that it’ll get fixed on the NHS – in the US however, people don’t have that luxury.

Medical bills are so outrageous in America, that people actively avoid hospital. I can understand the odd cough and ache going untreated, because nobody likes hospitals – but what would you do if you got shot? In my case, I’d probably cry for my mother and dial for the emergency services.


One gang member in America however had another idea… Having been shot, he decided to skip a trip to the doctors and remove the bullet himself. While the whole thing sounds utterly ludicrous, he actually managed to film and talk through the procedure. Flick over to the next page to see the video in all its glory.

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