Man Spends 3 Days Making $15,000 LEGO Statue, Child Destroys It In Seconds

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Exhibitions are pretty cool. Especially the interactive ones. But one kid took the hands-on concept a little too far when he accidentally trashed a $15,000 statue at a LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China.

The statue was a giant fox figurine of Nick Wilde from Zootopia. The artist, named Zhao, spent three long days and nights meticulously piecing the life-size Disney character together from thousands of lego bricks, but it only took the kid seconds to destroy when he accidentally pushed it over just one hour after the exhibition opened in a shopping mall. He’d climbed under the security ropes to get a closer look and, well, he obviously got a little TOO close! His parents offered to compensate Zhao but the artist declined and gracefully accepted that the incident was simply an unfortunate accident. After all, what kid wouldn’t want to play with that amount of LEGO?





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