Suicidal SeaWorld Killer Whale Beaches Itself At Water Park

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If you haven’t seen the incredible 2013 SeaWorld exposé documentary Blackfish, stop what you’re doing right this second and go and watch it. If you have seen it, then you’ll know the terrible lives performance orcas have to endure. Forced to live in tanks millions of times smaller than their natural habitat, with their children taken from them at an early age, it’s no wonder these animals often turn psychotic.

Taking all this into consideration, it comes as no surprise that footage has emerged of a SeaWorld whale apparently attempting to commit suicide at Spanish theme park. The orca, known as Morgan, can be seen out of the water and lying by the side of her tank for ten minutes in Loro Parque, Tenerife.


If orcas are beached for too long, their weight, which is normally supported by the water’s buoyancy, can crush their internal organs and result in death. One viewer commented: “Looks to me as if she was trying to take her own life, I don’t blame her.”

This isn’t the first time Morgan has exhibited distressing behaviour. Back in April, the whale was recorded banging her head repeatedly into a metal grate.

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