Terrifying Moment Lion Wants To Make Little Child Their Dinner

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A heart-stopping video captured at Chiba Zoological Park in Japan shows a little boy get pounced on by a fully grown lion. But don’t worry, the child wasn’t harmed – thankfully the lion was stopped in his tracks by the thick glass walls of his enclosure.

At the start of the video, the two-year-old can be seen watching the male lion crouching at the back of his enclosure. The lion reportedly weighs more than 400lbs, and often gets excited when he sees small children. Some local media reports relating to the footage describe the lion’s actions as playful, but the speed of his movements suggest the big cat intended to give the child more than a gentle rough and tumble.

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After three-year-old Isiah Gregg fell into Harambe the gorilla’s enclosure last week, our tendency to keep wild animals in cages has come under question. The video, which you can check out in full over on the next page, is just another example of a wild animal taking out its understandable frustration on a small child. Be warned: it’s not for the fainthearted.

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