The Tragic Details Of Kimbo Slice’s Death Have Been Released

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Like most guys my age, I grew up watching amazing videos of Kimbo Slice, real name Kevin Ferguson, deal brutal knock-outs on YouTube. The ultimate street fighter in my eyes; I’ve never seen a men crumble like the ones who fought Slice in those crazy back-alley brawls in Florida. Sadly for all his fans, news broke yesterday that our favourite bearded battler had died, aged just 42.

Known for his amazing beard, sculpted arms, and incredible punching power, Kimbo Slice was an old-fashioned fighter that appealed to anyone who loved fighting as a sport, whether it be boxing or MMA. Reliving some of his best fights yesterday, I was amazed as time after time he pulverised men who would make others quiver with fear.


While the police revealed yesterday that there was nothing suspicious about Kimbo’s death, fans wanted to know more. Thankfully today a cause of death has been released, and it makes for sad reading. Flick over to the next page to see exactly what finished this old warrior off.

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