This Is The Reason Why Russian People Never Smile, Apparently

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As someone who is cursed with a chronic case of bitchy resting face, I know first-hand the perils of not smiling enough. In the majority of countries in the world, a smile is equated with happiness, security, and politeness. Those who don’t tend to smile are considered rude, arrogant, and downright bitchy.

There are some countries, however, where smiling isn’t such an important cultural trait. In Russia, for example, the majority of people aren’t going around grinning at strangers and being told to smile by random construction workers on the street. There’s even a Russian saying that roughly translates as: “laughing for no reason is a sign of stupidity.”

Children, wearing red neckerchiefs, a symbol of the Pioneer Organization, salute while posing for a picture during a ceremony for the inauguration of 18 newly adopted members at a local school in the southern settlement of Kazminskoye in Stavropol region, Russia, November 19, 2015. Early pro-communist youth movements, which appeared in Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, were reformed into the Pioneer Organization of the Soviet Union. While the organization lost its dominance among students in post-Soviet Russia, some educational institutions and families still carry on this tradition. REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko - RTS7YMY

Kuba Krys, a psychologist at the Polish Academy of Sciences, has been studying smile-resistant faces around the world to try and discover exactly why some countries love to flash a grin more than others. Head over to the next page to discover exactly how he discovered the truth behind the bitch face.

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