This Is What Your Eye Shape Means About Your Personality

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It is a common phrase that the eyes are the window to the soul, and it turns out that may actually be true! Our eyes are one of the most expressive parts of our body, and will always give away our true emotions. From anger to happiness, you can always tell how someone is feeling by looking into their eyes.

But did you know that your eye shape can give away your personality and characteristics as well? Are you an open book, or more guarded? Read on to find out what eye shape you have and what this means in terms of your personality.

1. Almond Shaped Eyes

If your eyes are rounded and taper to a point, you have almond shaped eyes! This means you have a kind soul, and hugely passionate about the things they love. You may also be self-contained, calm and composed.


2. Round Eyes

People with round eyes are hugely creative, and full of imagination, charm and wit. They have big ideas and big dreams, although can be prone to over-imagination and not thinking in the real world.


3. Deep Set Eyes

If you have deep-set eyes, you’re the kind of person to be insightful, observant and methodical. You keep your cards close to your chest, and have a keen eye for everything around you. Introverts see as much as extroverts talk about.


4. Close Set Eyes

If your eyes are close set, your stamina is better than most which makes you a hugely determined person. You might be stubborn, tenacious and have the endurance of an ox, but you get stuff done and nothing will get in your way. This stubbornness might mean you’re a bit more resistant to change, but your tenacity will see you through.


Haven’t seen your eye shape on this list? Head over to the next page for more eye shapes, characteristics and personality traits which might reflect you and your unique face.

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